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voice actor needed!!

2008-09-09 12:26:32 by Theflasher2318

Hi im making a flash movie,but,it's one problem:i need a voice actor(s) so then you kind of get the idea of what am asking for :P
correct! a voice actor...:P

i'm only 13 years old so please dont say that the artwork suck an all that..:)

my msn is :


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2008-09-09 12:43:50

look here:

or better yet, ask in the Voice Acting Club


2008-09-29 18:44:38

why dont you use speaktonia


2009-03-27 17:53:36

hmmmn jeg vet ikke


2009-06-01 06:33:10

What type of voice are you looking for? any particular accent? Maybe we could collab.


2009-07-08 09:22:11

I'm in, PM me!


2009-07-08 09:54:35

I played your jojo game and its a good concept but 1. Dont like how long you half to wait for the platforms to come back and 2. How you fall through all the platforms, I got to the last one asnd fell through it and all the way down through the floor and into white infinity


2010-12-31 14:17:39

if you need actors, go on some games/videos that have voice actors, go on to they'r profile and check if they want or need a actor job. i hear rina-chan and another norwegian girl want voice actor jobs. dont remember the girls account name, but she were a voice actor in The REAL legend of zelda: ocarina of Time. search it up here on NG ;)


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