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voice actor needed!!

2008-09-09 12:26:32 by Theflasher2318

Hi im making a flash movie,but,it's one problem:i need a voice actor(s) so then you kind of get the idea of what am asking for :P
correct! a voice actor...:P

i'm only 13 years old so please dont say that the artwork suck an all that..:)

my msn is :

Madness preloader?

2008-08-25 13:49:33 by Theflasher2318

Yea,where do i download the madness preloader?? :S

My new game!

2008-08-16 08:48:40 by Theflasher2318

Hello check out my new game Newgrounds Draw v.1.3

EDIT: if someone wants to join me in the next version,thei're free to do that ;)
PS: Scripter needed xD

Go Norway^^